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About Vieques Island

This is a beautiful Island of Vieques Puerto Rico one of the spanish Virgin Islands. It is the best kept secret in the Caribbean. The island has too many beautiful beaches to name. It is famous for its Bioluminescent bay (only 3 in the world) this one is by far the best. There are no stoplights in the entire Island and you can travel from the northside to the southside in 15 minutes or less. The island is known for the wild pasofino horses so when you're driving, watch out for horses. The main town is in Isabel segunda where the ferry comes in and the fisherman sell fish and lobster when they come in from their morning fishing trips so at 12 noon go to the pescaderia to buy your fish. On the south side is the beautiful fishing village and the Malecon of Esperanza. There are great restaurants on both sides of the island as well as many bars overlooking the water. A day trip on a rental sailboat or on a motor boat is a must. This way you can see the unexplored side of the island and go diving or snorkeling. Vieques is truly UNIQUE. In July of 2008 it was named the best island in the caribbean in Travel and Leisure magazine. There’s a wildlife and national reserve forest so bird watching is great too. This is definitely one of the places to travel to before you die. The way to get here is flying to Puerto Rico International airport and then taking a small commuter plane to Vieques island. You’ll arrive in 15-20 minutes or you can take the ferry over, which will take about one hour. Keep in mind the last commuter flight from the main island is at 6PM and the last ferry is at 8PM Monday through Friday and 4:30PM on weekends.

The island is very laid back, yet the bars have great music some dancing and even Karaoke.


» Additional Info
Population: 9400
Weather: 78 degrees average
Languages: Spanish and English
Currency: U.S. dollar
Festivals: Fiestas Patronales (July) Christmas and Easter

» Grocery Stores
  • Supermercado Morales (787 741-2251)
  • Colmado Mambo ( 787 741-8080)
  • La Tienda Verde (787 741-8711)

  • » Favorite Activities
  • Horseback riding
  • Diving and snorkeling
  • Bio-luminescent Bay
  • Cycling and Mopeds
  • Fishing
  • Kayaking
  • Boating (sail and Motorboat)
  • » Important Numbers
  • Police ( 787 741-2020)
  • Hospital ( 787 741-4767)
  • Firefighter ( 787 741-2111)
  • Ferry (787 801-0250/1 EXT 428/433
  • Vieques Air Link (787 741-8331)
  • Cape Air ( 800 352-0714)
  • Property Manager (787) 3916277

  • » Favorite Restaurants
  • El Quenepo ( 787 741-1215)
  • Trade Winds ( 787 741-8666)
  • Duffys ( 787 741-7600)
  • Bananas ( 787 741-8700)

  • » Clubs-Bars
  • Al’s Mar Azul (787 741-3400)
  • Bananas (787 741-8700)

  • Relax in Vieques Paradise Villas