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What do I need?

The temperature on the island consistently hovers between the mid-70s and 80s. “Peak” season is considered to be from mid-December to mid-April. See availability HERE!

The Island is casual and laid back. Pack warm weather clothes, including bathing suits and flip flops. The house is equipped with high speed internet, so bring your electronics. Don't forget a camera.

How do I get there?

» By Air
You can take a 25 min flight to Vieques from San Juan International Airport.
You can also fly to Vieques from San Juan Isla Grande airport (15 min flight) or Ceiba airport (5 min flight).

» By Taxi
You can take a taxi from San Juan International Airport to Fajardo. Prices are subject to change.

» Rent A Car
If arriving without a car, you can choose to rent one of the 2 cars available on property. ( see rates )

Or you can rent a car at Juan International airport:

Phone 1-800-468-2647, in San Juan at (787) 791-5900, in Fajardo at (787) 860-5000 or email them at leaseway@caribe.net.

Fajardo (787) 860-6868.

World Car Rental
Fajardo and Ceiba area only. (787) 863-9696 or 860-4808, fax 860-9001.
Avis has a branch next to the Ceiba airport. Call (787) 885-0505 or (787) 605-0166.

» Public Transportation
The public transportation system most used in Puerto Rico is locally called "carros publicos" (public cars). These are vans that can carry about 12-15 passengers and are set on specific routes.

» Ferry
You can use the Ferry from Fajardo and the price is $2 per person.

Relax in Vieques Paradise Villas